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The submarine is coming (part 5)
Buck up, unload, drive off: Ready to "roll off"

Having arrived at the natural harbour in Speyer, the workshop colleagues prepare U17 for road transport: Using eight hydraulic cylinders, they jacked up the lifting structure together with the 500-tonne truck to 1.40 metres, drove under it with the low-loader, unloaded the boat and secured it.

This precision work required patience and concentration.

On 20 May, the time had come: U17 went ashore ... our new exhibit was taken off the pontoon!

The following day, 21 May, the U17s continued their journey in perfect weather. But this time in the countryside. Strapped onto a 30-axle low-loader, they travelled at walking pace to the Technik Museum Speyer. The journey involved negotiating winding and narrow roads, turning a set of traffic lights on its side and moving a car backwards.

After four nerve-wracking hours, the submarine was finally able to drop anchor on the museum grounds and the crew could breathe a sigh of relief ...

U17 has arrived for the time being!