Dear club members and museum fans,

I am understating the case when I say that an exciting 2023 lies behind us. As we look back on the past year, we would like to pause for a moment together to reflect on the many events, successes and challenges that have characterised our Technik Museen Sinsheim Speyer this year. As Museum President, I look forward to taking this journey with you, which extends far beyond the boundaries of the exhibition rooms.

Our museums are not only places for the preservation and presentation of technical cultural assets, but also a living space that is constantly being shaped by encounters between people, ideas and history. Last year, we were able to celebrate a fantastic BRAZZELTAG®. The science fiction meeting was extremely successful and grows from year to year. We also had an anniversary: 15 years of "Apollo and Beyond" with the two astronauts Matthias Maurer and Ulf Merbold. The special exhibition "One hundred years of the 24 Hours of Le Mans" was more than successful and was very well received.

Of course, there was also a major challenge to overcome: The submarine transport from Kiel via the Netherlands to Speyer. That was a first-class media event. And above all the exciting turnaround. It was the world's first successful attempt to turn a submarine weighing several tonnes.

Almost nothing stands in the way of the transport next summer. As a team and with the active support of some museum friends, we have proven that we are flexible, creative and, above all, strong together. Special thanks are due to all our employees, partners, sponsors and, of course, our loyal members. Without your commitment and support, all that we have achieved in the past year would not have been possible.

I wish you a high-capacity start to the new year and hope to welcome you to our museums in 2024. Be there when we transport our new U17 exhibit to Sinsheim and drive it under the Old Bridge in Heidelberg - what a spectacular sight that will be. I'm already really looking forward to it. Exciting events await you and the new special exhibition "Fascination Tuning: VW vs Opel." It already promises to be great.

Jetzt geht’s los

I would now like to invite you to look back on 2023 with us and relive the highlights of the past 12 months.

Your Museum President
Dipl.-Ing. Hermann Layher

Winter weeks

Experience technology, enjoy entertainment and save money!

Ten years as museum president Hermann Layher

19 February marked the tenth anniversary of the engineering graduate's presidency.

Barrel organ serenade

In the midst of Europe's largest space exhibition, a wide variety of instruments could be heard that evening, from the small barrel organ to the funfair organ.


Whether on four, three or two wheels - they are all welcome here.

Transall experience tour

Buckle up, and let's take off together into the fascinating world of aviation!

Film premiere "Walter & Michèle"

As part of our "Special exhibition: Walter Röhrl", there was a very special film premiere for over 500 guests.

Annual General Meeting

The annual general meeting of the sponsors' association takes place once a year.

ESA-Astronaut Michel Tognini

He spent 13 days, 18 hours, 56 minutes and 20 seconds in space on his mission.

Opening "One hundred years of the 24 Hours of Le Mans"

The year 2023 was all about France.

The submarine is coming (part 1)

Our submarine in the water for the last time ...

Speyer Modelling Days

Whether railway, spaceship, vehicle or aeroplane models; model making exerts a great fascination on us.

Spring cleaning

Our high-pressure cleaners are in constant use.

International Aircraft Veterans Parts Exchange

Propellers, jet helmets, clothing and more - the exchange for historic aircraft parts and accessories.

Meeting of historic omnibuses

Setra, Mercedes, Saurer and Co. - motorised cultural assets on the road in the Kurpfalz

Goldrun 2023

The largest sports car rally is our guest in Kraichgau.

The submarine is coming (part 2)

Transport preparation and 1st leg of the journey U17: After demilitarisation, U17 had to return to the pontoon and then head out onto the Baltic Sea.


On 30 April and 23 September, motorbike enthusiasts had the unique opportunity to put their skills and their machines to the test.

The submarine is coming (part 3)

At six o'clock in the morning, our submarine left Dordrecht for the second leg of the journey. U17's exciting journey was to last seven days.


While U17 was being celebrated in the Rhineland, we celebrated the BRZAZZELTAG® technology festival in the south.

The submarine is coming (part 4)

While some were celebrating BRAZZELTAG® in Speyer, others were celebrating the U17's arrival.

The submarine is coming (part 5)

Jack up, load up ... U17 has shore leave.

Meeting of historic agricultural machinery

The Whitsun weekend was all about historic agricultural machinery.

Anniversary of the Speyer fire brigade

Congratulations from the Technik Museen Sinsheim Speyer!

Growth at "One hundred years of the 24 Hours of Le Mans"

Our special exhibition in Sinsheim has been expanded.

Kawasaki Days

"Let the good times roll"

Ostalgie meeting

Despite the heat, almost 100 vehicles rolled up to what is now the largest meeting for East German vehicles in southern Germany.

Visit by the French Consul General

Bienvenue au musée de la technologie de Sinsheim, Consul général!

Audi Type 89 Convertible Meeting

Surrounded by technical witnesses of aviation history, the "Audi Cabrio Süd" interest group organised the Audi Type 89 Convertible Meeting for the sixth time on our museum grounds.

Last flight of our Concorde

Tens of thousands of spectators made a pilgrimage to the airport that Tuesday to witness this unique spectacle. Were you there too?

International Gauge-1 Meeting

Visitors and collectors were able to see and experience countless technical details, numerous decorative eye-catchers and a great deal of love for the hobby.

The submarine is coming (part 6)

After the transport is before the onward transport: During the summer months, we removed the batteries, which weighed several tons.

Meike ... congratulations

Our dear colleague Meike took 2nd place at the Special Olympics World Games in Berlin.

ADAC Heidelberg Historic

One of the largest classic car rallies in Germany was once again our guest in Sinsheim.

Concert by the Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz

Below our Buran, the works of Richard Strauss and Gustav Holst came across extremely well.

Anniversary of the Concorde transport

20 years ago, we transported our iconic Superbird from Speyer to Sinsheim.

Ducati Days

The first Ducati Days in Germany took place in Sinsheim at the end of July.

Organ concert

Renowned virtuoso Jean-Baptiste Monnot improvised to silent film classics in the space hall.


Great films deserve an even bigger screen.

Lotus Day

To mark the anniversary, the "Lotus Historic Register Germany" club organised the Lotus Day in Sinsheim on 29 July.

Mavis goes Wacken

Wacken 2023 - it was spectacular!

US Car meeting

What a contrasting weekend it was - at least as far as the weather was concerned.

Space Weeks

Two astronauts provided an interesting space programme in August.

30 years U9 in Speyer

From 17 to 21 August, we celebrated the anniversary of "30 years of U9 in the museum".

Firefighting exercise

On 19 August, we welcomed the Sinsheim Volunteer Fire Brigade to our premises.

Congratulations Ronja

She passed the IHK exam 2023 "Specialist for System Catering" as the best in the country.

The submarine is coming (part 7)

In order for the submarine to turn smoothly, the elevator had to be removed.

Meeting of historic commercial vehicles

On 16 and 17 September, we had the pleasure of welcoming around 170 vintage trucks to Sinsheim.

Prince Leopold drives BRUTUS

Racing legend Prince Leopold of Bavaria started our Brutus on pure eFuel for the first time.

Science Fiction Convenvtion

This event has become an integral part of our calendar of events and is getting bigger every year.

Vintage car tour of the support association

We were travelling in magnificent vintage cars through the beautiful countryside of the Zabergau and Kraichgau.

The submarine is coming (Part 8)

The day of the test rotation had arrived. But ...

The big motorbike weekend

This meeting offers the opportunity to explore the history of motorbike construction and the latest technological developments in the motorbike industry while enjoying the best entertainment.

Les Français

Experience a piece of French history in the heart of the cathedral city until 29 February 2024.

Experience tour U9

Here you can find out everything you ever wanted to know about our U9 exhibit.

Experience guided tour John T. Essberger

During the sailors' visit, there is a rare opportunity to experience the magnificent rescue cruiser in action and, on special guided tours, to get into areas that are otherwise inaccessible.

The submarine is coming (Part 9)

We had found a feasible solution to our challenge.

Pete Farnsworth & Ken McCarthy

The world has these two gentlemen to thank for the record-breaking vehicle THE BLUE FLAME. They visited "their car" at the beginning of November - presumably for the last time.

The submarine is coming (part 10)

At the beginning of November, we managed the world's first rotation of a submarine.

15 years „Apollo and Beyond“

Wie die Zeit verfliegt: Am 11. November feierten wir das 15-jährige Bestehen unseres Bereichs "Apollo and Beyond" in Speyer.

Winter modelling day

What began at Easter will continue in the Advent season: Winter modelling day in Speyer.