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Anniversary of the Concorde transport
A superlative action ...

took place on 19 July 20 years ago: in 2003, we transported our iconic Superbird from Speyer to Sinsheim. What was once the fastest aircraft in the world, the Concorde, was transported at walking pace along the motorway. And we all held our breath: Despite the removal of the wingtips, the aircraft was still an impressive 14.45 metres wide. So the fuselage had to be transported on a special tiltable low-loader from Spedition Kübler GmbH. Otherwise the Concorde would not have fit under the motorway bridge.

The transport took all night. In the early hours of the morning, the Air France aircraft was lifted from the closed A6 motorway onto the museum grounds.

What a logistical challenge that was ... As you know, an almost similar operation (to put it mildly) awaits us all in 2024.

Just in time for the anniversary, the former pilot of our Concorde, Jean-Louis Chatelain, came to Sinsheim to see his super bird once again. He is still sad that the supersonic jet no longer flies: