The submarine is coming ...

In May 2023, we at the Technik Museen, together with the support of some of our members, transported the U17 submarine of the German Navy from Kiel to Speyer.

Bringing the submarine to Sinsheim is definitely "the next level" in terms of the challenge.

Frieder Saam, technical project manager and driver at Spedition Kübler GmbH

The journey continues in 2024: from its current location, the Technik Museum Speyer, it will return to the Rhine to Mannheim and from there into the Neckar. On arrival in the historic Neckar city, it will become apparent that the submarine and its floating pontoon are too high for the Old Heidelberg Bridge.

This will show whether our plan will work: a special rotating mechanism will turn the submarine on the pontoon until it fits under one of the bridge arches. An extraordinary spectacle against the impressive backdrop of Heidelberg Castle and the historic Old Town.

After successfully passing Heidelberg, we sail through the beautiful Neckar valley to Haßmersheim. From there, the journey continues overland on a low-loader towards our new home.