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Les Français
New special exhibition in Speyer

As part of the Year of France, we will be presenting "Le Français - People, Motors and Architecture" in Speyer from the end of August. Until 29 February 2024, visitors will have the opportunity to experience a piece of French history in the heart of the cathedral city.

The Palatinate, a region of remarkable cultural diversity and historical significance, has maintained close ties with France over the centuries. The events of the 20th century in particular have left deep traces in the Palatinate, including in the Salian city of Speyer.

"Les Français - People, Motors and Architecture" invites visitors to find out more about everyday life in the then occupied city, take a look at French automotive technology and immerse themselves in the history of the museum site.

Since December, "Les Français" has been complemented by the exhibition "The Tenderness of the Absolute", a retrospective on Robert Opron organised by the "Amicale Robert Opron".