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The submarine is coming (part 10)
When vision becomes reality

As if on order, the sun shone out from behind the clouds on this Tuesday morning as our workshop crew and employees of Spedition Kübler GmbH successfully completed the turning of the submarine U-17.

In around four hours, the new exhibit at the Technik Museen Sinsheim Speyer was rotated in 25 cm steps, measured on the outer skin. Each step corresponded to approximately six degrees.

In this linear process, it was gradually tilted until the item on loan from the Defence Technology Study Collection of the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) came to rest at an angle of 73 degrees. In this way, the submarine turret was brought to the same height as the actual hull. This ensures that the obstacles on the Neckar and by land can be driven under.

The transport company Van der Wees then carried out a final measurement and was more than satisfied with the results. The Van der Wees Group from Dordrecht in the Netherlands will transport the submarine across the Rhine and Neckar in 2024.

The tower, the former workplace of the officer of the watch on the bridge, in a completely new position and perspective ... simply marvellous.

Member of the VDU e.V. (German Submariners' Association) Jürgen Weber