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The submarine is coming (part 3)
Look, you landlubbers ... here we come!

It was Thursday, 11 May, when U17, pushed by the push boat PIETER Van der Wees, set off for Nijmegen at six in the morning. Always on board were the two former submariners and members of the "Verband Deutscher Ubootfahrere e.V." Jürgen Weber and Jörg Wiest. The gentlemen were always available to answer questions from the press and interested parties.

And with the help of the GPS tracker on board, the fans always knew where U17 was at any given time.

Although we were constantly travelling upstream, the pushed convoy reached an impressive speed of 15 km/h. As a result, U17 moored at the promenade in Nijmegen at the best time for a stroll.

On 12 May, U17 arrived back in Germany! We passed beautiful Rhine promenades, secluded beaches and reached Duisburg, the city of water and fire, as the highlight of the day!

We travelled past the industrial heritage at around 10 km/h ...