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Pete Farnsworth & Ken McCarthy
... wanted to see "your car" one last time.

At the beginning of November, two very special gentlemen paid us a visit: Pete Farnsworth, designer and constructor of THE BLUE FLAME, and Ken McCarthy, mechanic of what was once the fastest rocket-powered vehicle in the world.

The now 86- and 78-year-olds travelled all the way from the USA to see "their car" live one last time. More than half a century ago, mechanics and designers combined their talents to create THE BLUE FLAME.

It was an emotional reunion with an old friend that holds a special place in the hearts of those who were involved in its creation. They are happy to know that their little treasure is in good hands and were thrilled to see how many visitors are still interested in its impressive development.

Pete, Ken: We will continue to look after her very well, we promise!