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The submarine is coming (part 2)
A transport on the edge of feasibility

Before the U17 transport could start its journey through Germany, the final preparations had to be made at the Kiel shipyard - of course with the active and expert support of German Naval Yards Kiel, thyssenkrupp marine Systems GmbH and Spedition Kübler GmbH.

On Friday, 28 April, all those present experienced déjà vu: the gigantic gantry crane lifted the 50-year-old submarine out of the dry dock and floated it into the water. There, the ocean-going pontoon, Lastdrager 27 from Dutch logistics company Van der Wees, waited for its load. Held in place by the oversized slings, our new exhibit was lowered carefully and in a controlled manner onto the 85 metre long floating body. Once the lowering operation was complete, the crew on hand set about securing the colossus.

Optimally positioned and secured in the transport and lifting structure, the submarine left the Kiel fjord. Pulled by the Dutch tug Teddy, the convoy passed through the Kiel Canal and then travelled swiftly at eight to nine knots, around 14 to 16 km/h, across the rough North Sea.

On 1 May, the Dutch neighbours welcomed U17. They sailed leisurely along the Waal to Dordrecht.

On arrival at the premises of the logistics service Van der Wees Groep B.V., the colleagues prepared the submarine for onward transport together with the freight forwarder Kübler GmbH.